Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment

All your business activities are subject to risks of various kinds, such as risks to people, the environmental and property caused by accidents and disturbances. Risks that are not identified or controlled can result in significant costs for your company, and deteriorating relations with authorities and the public.

The purpose of risk assessments is to minimize undesired events which can cause damage and injury to everyone and everything around your premisies and as a result of your business activities.

The Risk Assessement comprises the following major steps:

  • Identification of potential risks (events with negative impact o)
  • Valuation of probability of the negative event
  • Consequence analysis
  • Risk valuation
  • Preparation and implementation of measures to control risk

Kiwa Inspecta has many years experience of various risk analysis for industrial plants. We can assist with a wide range of different risk analysis, such as Environmental risk analysis, Dispersion calculations of poisonous and hazardous substances, ATEX- and SIL risk analysis, HAZOP and FMEA. With our broad competence we can quickly adapt our methodology to fit your specific requirements.

Benefits of Risk Assessment

  • Identifies how accidents might occur and the consequences of such accidents.
  • Prevent accidents and thus provides a safer working environment for all your stakeholders.