ATEX – Explosive workplaces

ATEX – Explosive workplaces

One combustible substance, oxygen and an ignition source is enough to create an explosive atmosphere. Even small amounts can create a dangerous situation. Hazards may not always be what we usually associate with explosives. Something as simple as an aerosol, a powder or a dust layer that is mixed with air can be enough.

The ATEX Directives (ATmosphère EXplosibles) require all facilities working in a potentially explosive atmosphere to make a risk assessment and zone classification of hazardous areas.

The directives apply to all facilities, new and old, and include requirements for:

  • Risk assessment of activities in premises and equipment. The risk assessment should be documented and performed by a person with expertise in risk assessment within explosive atmospheres.
  • Classification and preparation of necessary documentation.
  • Establishment of an explosion protection document based on a risk assessment of the plant.

An exploion protection document is based on a risk assessment of the plant and is the document where the explosion protections are summarized. The document shall include risk analysis, classification plans, existing flammable liquids, gases and dust, as well as procedures for how the risk of explosion is eliminated. The document must be kept up to date and be available at each facility. Zone rating is part of the explosion protection document and describes the areas where explosive atmospheres may occur.

Take control of your risks

You can take control of your risks with the help of Kiwa Inspecta’s services. We have years of experience of zone classification and risk assessments within various industries that handle flammable gas, liquids and dust.

We perform thorough risk assessment of your activities on your premises and of your existing equipment. We determine zone classifications and establish the foundation for an explosion protection document.

We also offer training courses where you can learn more about ATEX and how to work safely at your facility. We can customize the training to your environment.


  • You take control of your risks
  • You create a safer workplace for your employees
  • You get a better working environment 
  • You comply with regulatory requirements