Certification of Construction Products

Certification of Construction Products

Whether your construction products are made of concrete, metal, wood, plastic or other materials, it’s their quality that matters and makes them last for years. Certification is a means to ensure the product’s quality and safety, as well as its’ conformity to regulations.

Here Kiwa Inspecta can help. As a symbol of certification, Kiwa Inspecta assigns the rights to mark construction products with the common European conformity symbol CE mark, which is a signal of trust throughout the European Union.

Identifying good construction products from the wide selection available is often difficult without proper markings. Therefore the CE mark is a good way to tell that the marked product has met the EU’s requirements regarding consumer safety, health or environment. In construction products the mark shows that the product corresponds to harmonized product standards and meets the requirements of construction product directives. CE marked products do not have to be approved separately in different EU and EEA countries, which promotes competitiveness for exporting companies.

Product quality, conformity to regulations and manufacturing contracts are checked by inspection visits. Certification includes the initial inspection, testing and verification. To continue the validity of the certificate, conformity is monitored at regular intervals by testing and inspection visits.   

Kiwa Inspecta also assigns other certification marks in accordance with national legislation, such as FI marks in Finland. Kiwa Inspecta is a member in the Nordic INSTA-CERT cluster, which verifies and certifies i.e. ladders and security glazing, plastic pipes as well as sanitary products. The procedure enables you to show your product’s conformity in all Nordic countries at once.


  • Identifies products of good quality
  • Shows which products are trustworthy and safe
  • Allows international trade, promotes competitiveness and ensures free movement of products within EU & EEA market (in total 30 countries)
  • Prevents withdrawal of the products by customs and/or authorities