Green House Gas Verification

Green House Gas Verification

Verification of green house gases (GHS) is an annual event for all operators under the Emissions Trading Act. Trading emissions requires an emission permit, which is provided if the company monitors, observes and reports emissions systematically in accordance with the required plan. Moreover, carbon dioxide emissions and reports need to be verified for each calendar year by an independent and accredited third party.

Kiwa Inspecta can take this responsibility as we are approved as a verifier of emissions trading by the Energy Market Authority. With the help of our skilled and experienced experts, customers not only receive the certification documents, but also gain a lot of useful information that can be used for development of activities, such as optimization of produced energy or finding alternative energy sources. 

Subjects for verification are several: carbon dioxide emissions of the plant, the reported emission data as well as the reliability, credibility and accuracy of the data. The verifier ensures that the actual emissions and monitoring methodology correspond to the granted emission permit and approved plan. Finally, the verifier validates emission inventories and prepares the required statement.


  • Allows emissions trading
  • Helps to optimize the produced energy to save energy and money
  • Assessment of the operation brings up ideas for development of operations