HSEQ assessment

HSEQ assessment

Working conditions at your production sites and facilities need to be safe. In most cases, there are many contractors and sub-contractors working together with your permanent staff. Everyone should adhere to a common safety culture, follow all occupational health requirements, commit to environmental aspects and maintain quality of workmanship. HSEQ assessment is an effective method for making sure that all suppliers adhere to common principles.

HSEQ evaluation generates an audit report, corrective action requests and a rating for the contractor. Based on the report and the rating, industrial buyers can choose their contractors, verify their capabilities and mitigate risks as necessary. This applies not only to those that work on your site for longer periods, but also to those that supply materials, process equipment, tools, and maintenance to your site. All deliveries, including logistics, operations and working methods should be planned and correctly prepared. 

Suppliers benefit from HSEQ assessment in many ways. A professional auditor reviews suppliers’ competences and performance against customer expectations. This motivates customer focused improvement.  Opportunities for tangible improvements will be documented and followed up.  The HSEQ concept calls for fulfilment of legal obligations and sets customers expectations to right perspective. 

Evaluation is based on self-assessment and an audit. The audit team consists of a minimum one member from the buyers and a lead auditor from Kiwa Inspecta. The results are finalized in a consensus meeting. Kiwa Inspecta acts as lead auditor and delivers a detailed report for the Auditee and the Cluster Members (upon acceptance of the Auditee). The auditee may use the report as a quality reference for other customers and stakeholders as well.     


  • Measures level of occupational Health, Safety, Environment and Quality in a consistent and objective way
  • Quality report works as a reference
  • Improves contractor’s business opportunities and decreases buyer’s business risks
  • Helps to develop operational effectively and in a customer-oriented way