Green Card Quality®


Green Card Quality®

The quality of subcontracting has a significant effect on the success of your company. Green Card Quality® is an effective way of proving the capability of your ability for producing quality as well as helping you in finding and choosing safe partners.

Green Card® certification is a “work permit”, a concept that has been acknowledged by large multi-national companies. It measures capabilities of subcontractors and brings their strengths to the attention of large buyers. Green Card® supports subcontractors in continuous improvement and introduces viewpoints necessary for the value chain.

Evaluation is based on pre-delivered material and an assessment. Inspecta delivers a detailed report, which also acts as a quality reference to customers and also other stakeholders. If there are weaknesses, Inspecta recommends proven solutions approved by the large buyers.     

Green Card certification can also be used as a step on the way towards quality management system certification. In Green Card Quality®, main Suppliers have picked the elements of ISO 9001 they find most important to start with. Green Card certification is also a good base for building your own quality system. An increasing number of ISO 9001 certified companies use Green Card Quality® to better fulfil their customers’ expectations. Companies that are certified by Inspecta enjoy maximized synergy in the ISO 9001 certification audits. 


  • Proves quality during the process line
  • Quality report works as a reference
  • Improves possibilities to get contracts with large buyers
  • Helps to develop operations effectively and in a customer-oriented way, according to main contractor needs