Forestry Management Certification

Forestry Management Certification

The PEFC Forest Management Certification promotes good forest management on a voluntary basis. It gives access to the PEFC label, the international symbol of ecologically, economically and socially sustainably produced timber − a common interest for all actors in the business.

PEFC Certificate demonstrates that forests are managed in compliance with national forestry, environmental and labour legislation as well as with internationally accepted principles of sustainable development. In order to obtain a certificate, the forest owners and other forestry operators, such as forest management associations, logging organizations or forestry centers have to be committed to certification criteria in their activities.

Kiwa Inspecta has been involved in forest certification in Finland and in Russia since 1999. More than half of Finland's forests are certified by Kiwa Inspecta, and Kiwa Inspecta is a market leader in PEFC forest certification in Russia.


  • Demonstrates that forests are managed in a sustainable way
  • Demonstrates that forests are managed in accordance with national legislation
  • Gives access to chain of custody certification
  • Facilitates market access for timber and wood products with the help of an international label
  • Increases the value of timber sales