Food Safety Management System Certification

Food Safety Management System Certification

In the food industry, product safety is a basic requirement that can’t be compromised. One single mistake can result in your reputation being damaged and a collapse in your sales; in the worst case, someone’s health is put on risk. Kiwa Inspecta offers a wide range of food safety certification services, which cover the whole chain, from feed and food production to food packaging.

ISO 22000 standard is an excellent tool for food business operators to guide and facilitate the building of an effective management system. Food safety management system certification demonstrates that the system has been constructed consistently and thoroughly, and that it communicates your company's commitment to manage food risks.

ISO 22000 contains all essential elements for ensuring the safety of food in the entire chain. On the manufacturing side, a supporting standard ISO/TS 22002-1 is used as a guide to good practices. Food Safety Management System ISO 22000 can be easily integrated into quality management system ISO 9001 to create a consistent operating system. When both systems are certified by Kiwa Inspecta, the audits can be combined to reach maximum synergy.

Kiwa Inspecta also provides certification according to other standards: BRC standards for food production and food packaging production. For the feed business, Kiwa Inspecta offers GMP+ standards for feed production and feed transportation as well as the FAMI-QS standard for the manufacture of animal feed additives. Cereal and oilseed trades can be certified according to COCERAL GTP.


  • Signalizes trust and responsibility
  • Creates consumer confidence   
  • Improves risk management
  • Enables continuous improvement of organization, supported by yearly audits
  • Enhances productivity by helping to take the right development action at the right time
  • Supports you in brand building
  • Ensures well-functioning self-monitoring system
  • Raises safety awareness within the company
  • International standards help you face global competition