Phased Array UT

Kiwa Inspecta uses Phased Array UT, which is an advanced ultrasonic testing technique that can be used to test everything from butt welds to complex geometries.

The Phased Array UT technique ensures reliable and fast results. By combining different scanning angles in a single scan, the method saves you time and is extremely cost-effective, while it also increases the likelihood of detecting any defects in equipment or facilities. The method highlights the exact location and size of any defects using graphic colour images.

Phased Array UT provides both fast and accurate results for checking everything from your small boiler tubes to your massive turbines and vessels.

A Phased Array probe acts as a probe that has been split into several small elements. Each of these elements sends and receives signals. Our inspectors can control the direction and focus of the sound impulses by varying the time of the pulse elements.

All detection and sizing, which is usually carried out today using conventional UT techniques, can also be performed with Phased Array UT.

Benefits of Phased Array UT 

  • Provides faster and more efficient testing.
  • Data from the test is saved and archived and can subsequently be evaluated and compared with previous tests.
  • Graphic colour images can be included in the report.
  • Easier to test complex geometries.
  • Better resolution and characterisation of indications.
  • Can be automated.